I’m Mario Platt – Cyber Security Leader, Cyber Strategist, Eternal Learner, Certified Geek and Nerd

Cyber enthusiast since late 90s, and Cyber professional since early 2000s.

I’ve been a penetration tester, security operations and engineer, built SOCs, and focusing on Governance, Risk, Compliance and Strategy for over 8 years, and almost finished with a Business degree. A lot of my musings lately have been on Cynefin framework and Complexity applied to Cyber Security, Wardley Mapping, Safety (I and II) and Resilience Engineering (among others)

Managed teams as small as 3 and as big as 16, in different types of roles and always made it a case never to lose my technical hands-on abilities, people call that DevSecOps these days. I dabble directly on tech and also developing tailored strategies considering business situation and capabilities.